Breonna’s Garden

An augmented reality experience to honor Breonna Taylor, the Black Louisville medical worker who was killed by police officers in a botched drug raid.

The Changing Same

A room-scale virtual reality experience that takes you through time and space to witness historical experiences of racial injustice in the United States.


AI and crypto fuse to create a barbed commentary on sex work and the metaverse in a dystopian future. WINNER, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Forest Of Us

A maze of mirrors draws parallels between the bronchial trees of humans and the trees that exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in the world around us.

Life After BOB: The Chalice Study

A game-engine-driven anime combines a computer simulation’s capacity to generate evolving behavior with scripted storytelling’s ability to surface psychological truths. BREAKTHROUGH AWARD WINNER


A live, mixed-reality play that explores the effects of AI, environmental collapse, and interspeciality in a near-future Miami.


A hypertext novel that uses articles in an online encyclopedia to tell a story of intrigue and assassination amid a near-future pandemic.


When Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted after lying dormant for 800 years, Jónsi conjured up its enormous force through sound, scent and sculpture.


A series of boundary-pushing videos for Instagram Stories on the theme of “belonging.”

Raining Stories

A circular climate system – a biotope – that addresses such questions as, How can we make it rain in the desert?


In a one-on-one online experience, find out if you have what it takes to join the shadowy TM movement.

Wallace & Grommit: The Big Fix Up

Britain’s beloved claymation characters have started a new business; your job, as their employee, will be to help fix up their home town. Good luck!
“Wallace and Gromit’s heart and soul is in stop-motion, but they
2022 | Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling awards