A short film that merges cinematic storytelling, interactivity and artificial intelligence.

Darkfield Radio

With much of the world under lockdown, Darkfield set out to deliver immersive audio experiences to audiences at home. BREAKTHROUGH AWARD WINNER

Kentucky Rte. Zero, Act V

A magical realist adventure game about a secret highway running through the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.

Lollipop 2

An interactive film that uses your webcam to put you in a real-life horror movie.


An art research project, based on the 13th-century story of Parzival and dedicated to machine learning in theater and music.

Masterpiece: Nighthawks

Not long after Pearl Harbor, Edward Hopper made possibly the most haunting painting of his career. Now the Unreal Engine takes you inside it.


An interactive novella that uses thousands of tiny videos to tell the 1,000-year tale of a kindhearted spirit named September.

Play Inside

An experiential podcast in which the listener is invited not just to listen but to mirror the actions of the characters.

Remote Tourism

While the world was in lockdown, the Faroe Islands welcomed 700,000 virtual tourists.

Scarecrow VRC

From K-Arts in Seoul, live VR theater on a social VR platform


Sylvia wasn't like all those other digitally created Instagram influencers. She wasn't intended to stay young forever. WINNER, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

The Third Day: Autumn

It was supposed to be an immersive interlude for 10,000 people on the island. Instead it became a marathon television broadcast, unfolding live and in real time.
2021 | Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling awards